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Naked In the Stream – Isle Royale Stories

For over thirty years, Vic Foerster has visited Isle Royale with family and friends. His passion for the natural world and for all things “Isle Royale” is contagious and conveyed through his book, Naked in the Stream: Isle Royale Stories.

The love affair began on an arduous fifteen mile hike while portaging a canoe and wearing an ill-fitting backpack purchased by his mother at a discount store. Naked in the Stream is Vic Foerster’s account of his adventures on his beloved Isle Royale, a national park located on a remote island in Lake Superior, accessible only by boat or seaplane. Foerster’s humor and passion shine through the stories as you travel along with Vic and his buddy Ken while they camp, hike, fish, cook and meet other campers. He describes what it feels like to portage a canoe for 15 miles with an 80 pound pack on your back, what dormant muscles spring to life as you paddle against the wind, how to fish for the lake trout on light tackle without losing your mind, and how to hold your breath as you sneak by an eagle perched fifty feet away. Travel along with Vic and Ken, observing nature, the people they encounter and feel what it’s like to travel the least visited National Park in the lower 48 states. Joyce Koskenmaki’s pen and ink drawings enhance the writing while her beautiful oil on linen painting, Boat and Stars, adorns the cover. Koskenmaki is the former artist-in residence on Isle Royale.

Vic, a consulting arborist, serves tree care clients throughout Southwest Michigan. He is also author of several articles about tree care published in Tree Care Industry Magazine, Tree Services Magazine, and Michigan Landscape. His writing about Isle Royale has appeared in Silent Sports Magazine and the Jack Pine Warbler.


Naked in the Stream: Isle Royale Stories

By Vic Foerster
ISBN 978-1-933926-22-3
Paperback 6X9, 300 pages

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